IP Creation and Management

​Evaluate your technologies and create claims for patents.  Establish your patent portfolio for protection and be competitive.


Expertise in lighting, optics, projection, thermal, semiconductor, LED, Lasers

Litech International

Your Partner in IP Creation and Product Development

Litech International is your R&D laboratory, your patent developer, your technology GPS, and your production transfer facilitator.  At the end of the day, Litech will be your partner achieving your financial goals.

Building your IP Portfolio
and Products

Do you spend more time worrying about protecting your ideas and products?  Are you constantly looking for new ideas?

Litech International is Taking you to your Destinations.


Litech International is a Los Angeles, California based technology development and licensing company consulting the world's leading display, lighting, optics, components, cooling, testing and system companies as well as to startups and smaller companies.  Develops IP’s for licensing and assists clients in the creation of IP’s.

What We Do

Product Development

​Litech International is your R&D Lab, and production transfer facilitator and will take you from A to B and further to C as needed.